Global Partnerships

Join our network of best-in-class providers, generate new opportunities, or manage a provider delivery region

SquadGurus Global Network covers all major global delivery regions

Join the SquadGurus Global Network

Are you a provider of offshore/nearshore technology solutions? Do you have a strong track record of customer success? Join a winning team and partner with SquadGurus to provide innovative solutions to our clients in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia.
We evaluate our partners on a range of criteria including:

  • scale
  • references
  • expertise
  • culture
  • pricing
  • and many other factors.

Promote SquadGurus as a Squad Affiliate

Do you have clients or connections who might need help with offshore/nearshore sourcing and strategy? If so, you can be a Squad Builder, a partner who refers clients from their network and earns commissions from SquadGurus.

As a Squad Builder you can keep your commissions, or can ask SquadGurus donate some or all of your commission to registered nonprofit organization of your choice.*


Recruit delivery partners as a Squad Leader

Do you have strong connections with offshore/nearshore providers in a particular market? If so, you can be a Squad Leader and recruit providers to the SquadGurus Global Network. You can earn a percentage of any revenue flowing though the provider partners you recruit to generate extra income for yourself or as a donation to a registered nonprofit you choose.*

* subject to screening/approval by Squad Gurus and our donation processors

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